DrumTrackHD© is a Drum Step Sequencer for the iPad NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store.

Building on DrumTrack8's solid foundations but completely redesigned to take full advantage of the iPad's intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, DrumTrackHD is loaded with new features like effects, 16 tracks of scaleable patterns (up to 32 steps), automization, signatures, pads and much much more.


DrumTrack8© is a Drum Step Sequencer for the iPhone and iPod Touch NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store.

DrumTrack8 lets you compose 16-step patterns of drum fills and breaks, as well as organize patterns into full length songs. It's gotten top ratings from Computer Music Magazine.

Smack That Gugl

NOW AVAILABLE, Plastic Gugl is back from outer space and goes badly viral: Are you ready?!
Splatter, smush and smack these multiplying Gugls as fast as you can, avoiding the sick ones. Think you got it? Wait and see how crazy the rhythm can be as the score goes up, with Gugls that multiply or require two smacks.



How symmetrical is your face? Muggum can show you! Need a creative profile pic? Muggum can help you! This easy-to-use photography app takes images directly from the camera in your iPhone or iPod Touch and instantly creates two side-by-side symmetrical portraits, which you can fine tune using a bi-directional guide. Instantly upload to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr – or, save to Photo Album or Email. Take often hilarious pictures of yourself, your friends, your kids, your pets, or even celebrities in magazines. Great for profile pics and online avatars.


NOW AVAILABLE in the App Store, SpillPills© is the wonderful new action strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch that puts your attention span to the test and sharpens your reflexes.

Beware! These pills are addictive! Play you way through five gorgeous levels of increasing complexity as you try to get your Spillpills safely to home base.

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