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Top-rated drum app in "101 Amazing Apps" issue, 9/10.
"...sound options are excellent..."

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"...totally goes beyond my expectations.... flexible yet idiot-proof..."

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"... one gorgeous-looking iPhone app...."

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“…it is a light, nifty and impressive app... All in all, a great deal...”

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" well as looking great, DrumTrack8 is a spiffy drum machine for your iPhone...."


Simple Is Beautiful's DrumTrack8© is a Drum Step Sequencer for the iPhone and iPod Touch NOW AVAILABLE in the iTunes App Store.

DrumTracker's Pattern Panel
DrumTrack8 Pattern Panel

  • DrumTrack8 lets you compose 16-step patterns of drum fills and breaks, as well as organize patterns into full length songs.
  • Modify Pattern Step velocity, sample offset, pan and pitch in an intuitive, multi-touch interface.
  • Define your BPM by tapping or with a slider.
  • Shake your iPhone to clear a Pattern.
  • New in V 1.5: Create patterns of < 16 steps with Pattern Length Edition.
  • New in V 1.8.1: Track title/instrument slide-out panel.
  • New in V 2.0: Create custom drum kits from existing samples or import your own samples.
  • New in V 2.5: Change signatures and pattern length in the Toobar.

DrumTracker Mixer Panel
DrumTrack8 Mixer Panel

  • Change a Pattern’s drum kit and adjust master track values in the Mixer.
  • Several Drum Kits are provided, primarily vintage electronic drum kits (like the 808, 909, LM1 and much more) but also HipHop, Jazz and Rock Kits. Two chromatic instruments (Bell and Sitar) round out the offering, expanding DrumTrack8 to traditional composing as well.
  • New in V 2.1: Optimized mixer panel interface and new Kit Selection Panel.

DrumTracker Song Panel
DrumTrack8 Song Panel

  • Create new patterns and string them together to create your song.
  • Play the whole song, or interactively trigger one pattern a time and change mixing parameters for live performances.
  • Save your songs for later use.
  • New in V1.4: Email a pattern in General Midi format to import it in the DAW of your choice.
  • New in V1.5: Drag and drop in Song View (creating the song structure and reordering pattern instances)
  • New in V1.6: Continue playing the song when the screen is locked, to serve as a drum kit for practice sessions.
  • New in V1.7 and 1.8:
    • Supports AudioCopy* (FourTracks) and Intua (BeatMaker) public pasteboard methods, allowing users to export Pattern and song audio files to many compatible apps.
    • Export/email pattern in WAV and MIDI format and song in WAV format.
  • New in V2.4: Upload Songs and Patterns to SoundCloud and Email Song in Midi.

For more information on DrumTrack8s features and user interface, select one of the links below:

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New Features of V2.5/2.5.1

  • Signatures and Pattern Length on toolbar replaces Pattern Length button on Pattern Panel.
  • Fixed crash on iOS 5 (stereo sound handling).
  • Fixed Retina Display color problems.
  • Updated SoundCloud exporting.

New Features of V2.4

  • Upload Songs and Patterns to SoundCloud
  • Corrected crash on iPad and iPod/iPhone with iOS 3.X
  • Corrected Solo/Mute issues
  • Corrected timing problems
  • Corrected mail wav/midi missing file extension.

New Features of V2.3

  • Swing Slider in the newly expanded Toolbar.
  • Optional background execution removed.
  • OS 4.0 Kit Selection bugfix
  • Known Issues:
    - 2.3 is incompatible with the iPad and OS 3.2, so do not upgrade.
    - Mute and Solo bug in the Mixer Panel.

New Features of V2.2

  • OS 4.0 Compatible
  • Email Song in Midi

New Features of V2.1.1

  • Corrected broken sample rate conversion at loading
  • Removed User Samples from load song panel
  • Optimized memory consumption and panel switching speed

New Features of V2.1

  • New Kit Selection Panel
  • Revamped Mixer Panel
  • Help can now be disabled (Settings)
  • Save/Load confirmation
  • Copied Patterns have unique names
  • Bugfix when loading songs in play mode

New Features of V2.0

New Features of V1.8.1

New Features of V1.8

  • Email song in WAV format
  • Copy song to Clipboard using AudioCopy* and Intua public pasteboard methods
  • Compatability with iPhone OS 3.0 and upwards.

New Features of V1.7

  • Supports AudioCopy* and Intua public pasteboard methods, allowing users to copy Pattern audio files between compatible apps.
  • Email/export pattern in WAV as well as MIDI.

New Features of V1.6

  • Greatly improved audio engine, removing glitches at low pitch.
  • Now continues playing when screen is locked.

New Features of V1.5

  • Contextual Help.
  • Pattern Length Edition
    (new edit mode).
  • Drag & Drop in Song Panel (reordering and creating song)

New Features of V1.4

  • Email/export a pattern in General MIDI format to import in the DAW of your choice.
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