SpillPills Reviews

Reviews are coming in. Here's a few so far:

Under The Radar by enuhski

"Verdict: If you want a unique and engaging strategy game with beautifully rendered game environments, stellar graphics and funny game sounds and enough levels to keep you hooked. Spill Pills for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the latest addition to the App Store game collection and is currently featured on the "New and Noteworthy" list...."


"SpillPills is an adorable casual game with stunning graphics, cute characters and animations, and a very simple goal... This is one unique and whimsical game that will surely appeal to anyone looking for something that's easy to pick up and play."

Pocket Gamer

"It's original, oddly satisfying, and could be tweaked almost endlessly into new and interesting forms."

iPhon.fr (French site)

"Des graphismes colorés, les plateaux de jeu sont originaux...
Les bruitages sont au top...
Jeu original, intuitif Peu cher, 0,79€ (prix de lancement d'après l'éditeur)...
Un jeu organique, les décors sont vivants..."

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